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Providing the highest degree of excellence in residential care.


Hanover Safe beds management and staff are committed to providing the highest degree of excellence in residential care to our Residents and their families. We at Hanover Safe beds will always work hard to maintain a close working relationship with our residents, their families, physicians, and other health care professionals in the community.

Our one and one care is tailored to suit each individual's needs. Our aim is to accommodate the transition into a retirement home. We will strive to sustain the client’s dignity and maintain a level of independence and privacy to which the client has been accustomed. Our aim is to provide sensitive, tender loving care.


Our goal is to provide individualized care tailored to meet the needs of our residents. In order to achieve this goal, there will be services provided by our qualified and experienced staff. Here are the services we will provide: ​

  • Personalized Care plans

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